How to Treat Blood Blisters at Home

     Whenever we wear a wrong pair of shoes, we may get blisters. The friction and hence the heat caused, between the skin surface and the ...

     Whenever we wear a wrong pair of shoes, we may get blisters. The friction and hence the heat caused, between the skin surface and the footwear, creates a swelling on the foot. Slowly, dermis is exposed. Fluid is accumulated and the it forms a blister. 
How to Treat Blood Blisters at Home

Blood vessels damage to cause the blisters in that area. It could vary in size. It is painful. Pay attention with immediate effect. Remember, infections in body are caused easily through the bruises and the cuts in particular.
Here are some home remedies for the blisters. You do not have to visit the physicians to cure blisters.

    Do not buy something from the local shops to have adulterer sandalwood powder. Buy the organic powder and mix it with 5 ml rose water until you come up with a paste like mass. Apply it head on. Leave it on the blister for half an hour. Rinse the mask in lukewarm water. Do it at least four times every day. See the results. You will wonder at the healed area.
Ice Pack
     Take some ice cubes and place it in a towel to be rolled over the affected area for a while. Else, tie it along with the swollen area to remain as it is for a while. After 5 minutes remove the pack and then repeat the procedure a few times in a day.
It is one of the best remedies for skin issues. Blood blisters can vanish in no time. Ascorbic and coffee acids present in the cucumber can heal the area in no time.
  Just like how you use the cucumber round slices for your facemask, use it on the affect part of the leg too. Allow it to remain there for about half an hour or so. You will see effective results when you repeat the procedure for a few times in a day.
Aloe Vera Gel
    You can also call this herb to be a panacea for your skin type of any kind. The juice of aloe Vera has to be applied on the swollen area along with little bit vitamin E. apply the mixture three times a day. You can see bright results in a couple of days or so. Combinations of vitamin E and aloe Vera extracts can work very well in curing the blister area but it takes a lot of time while compared to the other above-mentioned options. Still, you can try it for sure results in just a couple of days. It is the most economical option out of all as you can find the aloe Vera to be available everywhere in the bushes around. Vitamin E is available in most of the super market and pharmacies around. It would not be a big deal to make this aloe Vera gel. It can penetrate in the skin for effective permanent results.
All the above-mentioned techniques are ideal enough to cure the blister in quickest time positively. Try it and you will realize that fact.


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