Here Is How To Lose Weight With Walking!

One of the safest forms of exercise is the walking. You can manage to lose 1 pound per week depending on how often you walk. In less than 5...

One of the safest forms of exercise is the walking. You can manage to lose 1 pound per week depending on how often you walk. In less than 5 months you can be twenty pounds lighter without going on a diet or at the gym.
Here Is How To Lose Weight With Walking!

Body weight and walking place are the 2 factors that affect the burnt calories while walking. You can adjust the speed as you like. You can use pedometer so you can track how many calories you burn while walking. After some time you will realize how easy it is to lose weight in this way and you will love this exercise.
Giving yourself a stimulus is one way to help you in achieving the wanted results. The American Medical Association recommends you to use pedometer in order to control the weight efficiently and better. It offers numerous beneficial properties and you can wear it around your hip area. It can inform you how many step you take throughout the day. It can help you monitor the progress on a daily basis. Some sophisticated pedometers allow you check the pounds you’ve lowered and the burnt calories.

Everyone can get different results even if they spend same time amount or walk the same distance. Some may have to take two thousand steps to burn calories and some can only lose a hundred and lose the same weight. One mile- 2000 steps and 100 calories burned; One pound equals 3500 calories; Losing one pound a week equals 500 calories a day; To low one pound a week you need to walk ten thousands steps;
The only negative side of walking is that it can be a little boring but we will present you some ways to keep the interest in walking.
At first, you should change your routine and make it more exciting. Ask a friend or family to join you. Change the track you walk each day, at least once every second week as it may become boring. You can also play your favorite music that will give you more energy. Try to buy a treadmill is you can afford it as you can walk and watch the favorite TV program or movie.
You should park the car as far as you can from the destination and walk to there. If you use bus, try to walk at least the half the way and you should also use the stairs instead of the elevators. Try to avoid taxi and bus, instead walk to your destinations.
In order to get better results you should define the walking style. If you do it as an exercise, keep the eyes hundred feet forward, hold the chin up, squeeze the glutes and tighten the abs.
Check the condition with a doctor in order to know if it is safe. When you just start with it, you can walk fifteen to twenty minutes, 3 days a week and after you get used to it, do it for half an hour to an hour a day.


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