Recently, while discussing with my friend Josh, who is a fitness coach for ten years, we touched the topic of most often met mistakes made ...

Recently, while discussing with my friend Josh, who is a fitness coach for ten years, we touched the topic of most often met mistakes made while practicing physical exercises. He revealed me that, since he works in this field, he has observed the same 3 mistakes which women do during their workout. These small mistakes, but which can certainly negatively influence the proposed objectives, Josh classified in 3 categoriesexcessive cardio trainingnot enough exercises of general toning and the lack of exercises with free weights.

So, in my article I decided to analyze one by one these 3 mistakes, with Josh’s help, of course:
1.Excessive cardio training
Everywhere, in all fitness centers, we observe young and older women who spend hours on running machines, on bicycle or who have long sessions in sauna, getting after very many sessions of this kind to be totally demotivated, because they do not succeed to loose weight or get rid of the unwanted spare tyre.
The problem is that they are absolutely convinced that they make everything which should be done to get rid of the additional kilograms, of cellulite, because YES, it’s true, everybody knows that the aerobic activity favors the consumption of fat and improves the circulation. But, unfortunately, not all know that the excess has inverse effects, given as an endocrine response to the physical activity.
The very long, exhausting training for body encourages the release of cortisol, the biggest enemy of the fight against kilograms. The cortisol is also called the hormone of stress, being secreted by the adrenals as a consequence of a stimulus, that affects the body like an excessive aerobic training.
At the same time, its presence also indicates a signal that the body confronts with an urgent situation, in our case excessive workout, acting like a kind of “break” in reducing the damages, which could produce as a result of a requested training of long period.
So, the effects of this hormone on the organism and its form, from the physical point of view are: slowdown of metabolism, acceleration of water retention, muscle catabolism and the appearance of general anxiousness.
An efficient training for losing weight must, first of all, impede the release of cortisol. The studies showed that the level of cortisol in body starts to increase after 20 minutes of physical activity and continues to grow during the workout.
The cardio training has to have a duration of approximately 20-40 minutes, and its intensity must not be very high. The value of the cardio frequency has to be situated around 70-80% of the maximum cardio frequency (that means during the effort we to be able to have a conversation).
2.Not enough exercises for general toning
The popular belief that if we will lift weights, our muscles will inevitably strengthen, generated among women the phobia for muscles of bodybuilder. Completely wrong!! The isotonic activity is fundamental to have a toned body and curvy lines.

The myth referring to the growth of muscle mass is totally unfounded from 3 reasons:
  1. The muscles grow due to the presence of the male hormone which is obviously at a very low level at women.
  2. To be able to develop the muscle mass, we need an adequate diet, high in calories and proteins.
  3. The training has to be performed with very heavy weights, that permits us to do a small number of reps – because the muscle mass increases just when the workout requires almost the maximum from the respective muscle.
The training for toning is important because of 2 reasons:
1 – it helps us obtain a toned, firm muscle mass
2 – it helps us lose weight
A good muscle tone accelerates the basal metabolism. Due to these reasons, it is good to appeal to the toning training 3-4 times per week. If a woman wants to lose weight and remodel her shapes, the toning training must have a length from 30 to 60 minutes.
3.Absence of exercises with weights
The range of exercises that are performed in a gym can be divided into two categories:
  1. basic exercises – during a movement are involved several muscle groups
  2. complementary exercises – in effort is involved just a single muscle, called also exercises of isolation.
The first category is characterized by movements which involve more joints, so more muscles contract the respective movement to be effectuated. The second category is called also monoarticular, that means in the move is involved just one joint. In general, basic exercises can be effectuated with easy weights, while the exercises of isolation are executed with the help of various equipment.
It has to be mentioned that the basic exercises, due to the fact that involve some groups of muscles in effort, are more tiresome, but more efficient in body toning.
The mistake which women make is that they appeal mainly to the second category, using comfortable means and equipment which are not so required by body.
So, a training must not have a duration more than 60-70 minutes and must comprise toning exercises with free weights, and cardio training lasting maximum 40 minutes (better about 30 minutes).


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