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   How to Treat and Prevent Milia Because milia often go away on their own without treatment,  being patient and waiting it out is an option...

  How to Treat and Prevent Milia

  1. Because milia often go away on their own without treatment, being patient and waiting it out is an option—but waiting is definitely not for everyone!
  2. It is critical that you not squeeze, scrape, poke, or in any other way physically try to removethe milia from your face as you would a pimple. Because milia are hard and under the skin’s surface, these methods are unlikely to help. Instead, you wind up irritating and damaging the skin surrounding the cyst.
  3. Use a targeted exfoliating treatmentwith salicylic acid to immediately improve exfoliation and allow the bump to dissolve on its own relatively quickly.
     4 . Of course, you also can see a dermatologist, who can tell you which type of milia you have. Secondary milia might require a doctor to use a hypodermic needle to remove the cyst, or cryotherapy, which involves freezing the cyst and then removing it.
    5 . Although not a lot can be done to prevent milia, maintaining a suitable skin-care routinecertainly helps minimize the chance of them appearing.

    6 . Milia can be caused also by sun damage, so always use amoisturizer with at least SPF 15 to protect your skin every day, and give those annoying white bumps less of a reason to set up shop on your face!
Remember: Patience, daily exfoliation, sun protection, and resisting the temptation to take matters into your own hands can go a long way to having clearer, bump-free skin sooner! 
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