How to Make DIY Deep Condtioner

Easiest DIY Deep Conditioner-Ever! Are you ready for this complex and hard to remember recipe?  Get out your notepad! Credit:  brickandglitt...

Easiest DIY Deep Conditioner-Ever!
Are you ready for this complex and hard to remember recipe?  Get out your notepad!

How to Make DIY Deep Condtioner
2 parts olive oil
1 part coconut oil
2 ingredients- that’s it!
Of course how much you use will depend on your hair.  Is it long?  Is it short?  Is it thick?  Is it fine?  So, just follow the ratio above, and you will be fine.
This is the best DIY Deep conditioner that I have used.  It works wonders.  Here is how I apply it:
I mix the 2 ingredients above.  Sometimes I make just enough for that evening, and other times I will make a mason jar full of it, and just use it as I need it.  I find that I use it more often if I already have it there.  Not that the recipe is sooo complicated, but hey.  Easier to just have it on hand.
Next- I rub it throughout my hair, concentrating on the ends or any damaged areas.  Generally speaking, whenever you are using a product that has an oil base, you want to avoid rubbing it into the scalp area.  You should focus on getting into the ends to repair and moisturize the areas that suffer from heat exposure and get brittle and break.  You’ll end up with a really oily scalp if you don’t avoid your head Whenever I do a mask or a deep condition, I comb it all the way through my hair, so it’s evenly distributed.
I leave it for a couple of hours.  Just lookin’ pretty and hangin out in my robe.  I pull my hair back so it isn’t an oily mess in my face.  If you choose to sleep in yours, you can wrap your hair in plastic wrap or a shower cap.  I usually do it in the evenings and leave it in a few hours, but you can sleep in it if you want.
Wash and condition as you normally would and… voila!  Amazing hair that is soft and silky.  I would recommend this treatment as often as once a week.  In the winter, my hair takes a beating, so I usually try to deep condition once a week.

Another great DIY deep conditioner recipe I found from 4 Chair Chick. It’s simply olive oil and honey! Combine 1 part honey with 1 part olive oil in a bowl, mix the ingredients together, and when finished apply it to your hair! Once it’s on your hair, cover it and apply heat. After you apply heat rinse out your hair and style as usual!

The last one I found is from Naturally Curly. It’s the classic mayonnaise trick! But hey….the reason we hear about it so much is because it works! Ingredients are 1 cup mayonnaise, 1/2 cup olive oil, and 3 egg yolks. Directions…blend all the ingredients together in a bowl (if mayo is cold…let sit until mixture is room temperature). Apply to hair…making sure there is extra at the ends. Cover coated hair with plastic wrap, and then a towel to keep in heat from your head. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse out! Do not shampoo after wards….you may want to do this in the evening or on a day that you’re not going out….any oil that clings to your hair will keep moisturizing it until the next time you shampoo. Image from The Daily Meal.


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